Sharrie Osbourn

“Sharrie’s femebox class is unreal!! I have never felt stronger, more confident or empowered. Over the six weeks Sharrie guided us in boxing technique until movements were fluid and strong!! We had so much fun while working hard and getting *noticeably* more fit.” – Lisa M.

You could say I came about coaching fitness on a dare. A girlfriend challenged me to try a pole dancing, and being a retailer at the gym  I thought it would be an easy class. Needless to say the next morning when I could hardly walk or move, I continued to take more classes and eventually I started to teach it.

A few months later I tagged along to a Fitness Instructor audition with nothing more than the practical part of my fitness certification exam, did a 10 min leg workout and left not expecting to get a call back.

I was both surprised and excited to get an email a couple weeks later with a job offer and the rest as they say, is history.

In the past 6.5 years I have taught a variety of formats from bootcamps, aquafit, dance based classes, yoga and most recently both women’s only and co-ed kickboxing.

I believe that fitness should be as fun as it is hard, and that when you find that thing that keeps you coming back, that’s when the magic happens.


  • Certified fitness kickboxing coach
  • Over 5 years experience teaching group fitness
  • 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • National level figure competitor