Andrew H.

I began training with Craig back when he owned True North Barbell, in early 2012. I had been training at a number of different gyms, not really making any real progress, getting in trouble for being a little loud and lifting heavy weights, pretty much just not going anywhere with my physique or levels of strength. A friend of mine mentioned Craig and TNBB, so I showed up one evening and was thoroughly impressed.

When I got in and met Craig, Disturbed was playing, and everyone there was throwing weights around like I had never seen at the cookie cutter gyms I had been to before. I thought Craig was a 35 year old biker, (the mutton chops added 10 years to you buddy, sorry it’s the truth,haha) and that he would tear my arms off if I looked at him wrong. While I’m sure that he could rip my arms off without even trying, I quickly learned that Craig is extremely approachable, easy going, charitable and very knowledgeable.

I joined the gym immediately. Under Craig’s mentorship, in 3 months I made more progress with my lifts and body composition than I thought would ever be possible. For the better part of 3 years now, Craig has been directing my training, and with his guidance I’ve made progress in leaps and bounds. Craig’s level of experience, knowledge, intuition and compassion for training and improving others is unmatched. He can break down any lift, for anyone, in a manner that is easy to understand and replicate. With his direction I’ve gained 15lbs lean muscle mass, minimum, and I’ve added at least 500lbs to my Bench/Squat/Deadlift total, just by listening and acting on his expert advice.

When people ask me, who do I train with, and where, I can’t say enough about Craig at Lil’s Gym. The quality of training and instruction is second to none. If you’re looking to make a change in your lifestyle, physique, strength, anything, look no further than Lil’s Gym, and Coach Craig.

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