Danielle Ruban IFBB Pro

I originally came to Craig to help me with some exercises I didn’t feel confident doing alone, such as working with different band tension techniques and really heavy lifts. At the time I was also dealing with a shoulder injury that wasn’t getting any better, no matter who I saw about it.

After my first session with Craig it became clear to us both that I had a ton of potential to do everything more effectively and efficiently than I had in the past. Through years of training on my own I had never really considered that my form may be less than ideal. My denial led me to have some interesting movement patterns that weren’t optimal especially with shoulder health in mind. Craig was able to identify these shortcomings and to help me correct them within about one month. As a result, I am much stronger and have been able to work through my shoulder injury. In fact, it hardly bothers me at all anymore!

So although I came to Craig because I knew he could teach me a thing or two about heavy lifting, I have decided to stay with him for a number of reasons:
Craig is one of the most passionate trainers/coaches I have ever met. He lives and breathes his profession and I imagine he will continue to be extremely successful in his career as a result. I also feel he truly believes in my potential and goals as an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor. I have only been working with him for about 2.5 months and the changes I have made technically, physically and especially mentally have been profound. Technically, I am doing so many exercises differently and hence more safely and effectively. Exercises which are intended to target a certain muscle or muscle group are being executed more properly and as a result my physique is changing for the better. We also train for function and incorporate exercises which will translate to a more impressive athletic performance in my fitness routine. Physically, I am a lot stronger – a lot stronger. When I started with Craig I was able to do about 5 pull ups with a band assisting me; this week I did 3 sets of 10 with a 25 lb weight vest, and that is just one exercise! Each week I am able to increase the volume or the weight of what I am doing on everything. Craig helps me set personal records every workout, and trust me, it hasn’t always been this way.

Mentally, Craig has helped instill a confidence in myself that wasn’t there before. He is one of my biggest motivators and I know he truly feels that it is his responsibility to help me get better and stronger in the gym.

I have a lot of fun training with Craig, who is exceptionally humorous. Mostly though, his training is fun because I am getting better and closer to my ultimate goal, thanks to him.

Although I would recommend Craig to anyone who’s interested in getting better, I know he is the only one I would refer elite athletes to. I believe that because he is a “strong man” competitor himself he can empathize on many levels with other athletes. For this reason, as well as his experience and wealth of knowledge, I would recommend Craig Bongelli to bring out your potential and make you the best athlete you can be.

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