Jaime F

I can’t say enough about Craig. I’ve been working with him for exactly a year now and there is really nothing he hasn’t helped me do. He’s an incredible coach, he’s an incredible motivator, he knows when to turn on the friend role, he knows when to take it easy and pull back – but he also knows when I need to be pushed, when I’m ready to be pushed. The first picture is when I first came to Craig, I was in shape but, not really. Within 6 months he completely ripped me up, which was my goal; just to get as conditioned and as lean as possible and potentially compete. And after that the goal was to put on a little bit of size so the difference between the first and 3rd picture is pretty much the exact same weight but my bodyfat is significantly lower now cause he helped put a ton of lean muscle on me after I came out of the dieted phase. He’s encouraged me since day one; I really can’t picture myself working with anyone else at this point. I can’t say enough good things about him, he makes me smile, the second I walk into the gym I know I will have a really good hour. I give 100% – he gives 100% back to me every single time. He’s just the most incredible coach

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