Mary D

Hi everybody my names Mary and I just want to talk about Craig and Lil’s Gym. I met Craig a few months back and he’s been training me for my legs because I’m a [physique] competitor and I had a back injury and I could not do a lot of legs because of this it really limits me on anything that I can do so a friend of mine told me about Craig and I’ve been going to him and wow I just can’t believe how wonderful he is not only as a person but as a trainer in making sure that I’m safe in everything that I do with my legs I’ve had a lot of improvement with my legs and my butt which is great for my next competition in july and I’m very excited about that and if you’re ever looking for somebody that’s just such a great guy and really thinks great of his clients and wants to help them with anything that he can definitely come to Craig at Lil’s Gym

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