Sarah D

So my journey at Lil’s gym started when I thought that I needed to lose a little bit of weight for my wedding and I wanted to make sure I was paying as much attention to my physio therapy as possible with recovering from a really bad ankle break. I thought it was going to be kind of a short journey. I thought it was going to be something where I just did it till, you know, just get through it until the weddings over and I’m back on my feet. And it changed everything, Lil’s gym, I started to come here 3 times a week then I found myself coming 4 times a week and now I’m coming 5 times per week. And if I’m not here, on the days I do take off, I feel like I miss it. And I think the biggest reason for that is Craig and the rest of the team here and how they help you feel like this isn’t something that you have to do because you’re trying to reach a certain goal – it’s something that you want to do. When they welcome you into their family and they show you that it’s not just about trying to capture those goals, it’s about a way of life and a healthy lifestyle and the things that you want outside of the gym. They’re a lot easier to accomplish when you feel so much better about yourself and for me it’s not just about feeling like, you know: maybe my butt looks better in a pair of shorts, its more about, you know, I feel a lot better about myself and who I am and I think that’s a self-confidence. That I’ve never felt like I wasn’t confident, I’m a smart person and you know life’s good but, you know, all of a sudden I feel like I can accomplish a lot more and it’s through this team – and what they’ve seen in me, and helped bring out of me, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

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