Tracy Sousa

“Tracy is professional, supportive and motivational. She’s tough and pushes you to your physical limits. All the while you can’t help but to enjoy it and her personality. With Tracy’s support I reached my goals! I would recommend her to anyone!” Isabell Oudman

My journey with health and fitness started when I was 19 yrs old. I would exercise to old Pilates videotapes I had laying around at home. When I wasn’t getting the results I wanted I knew it was time to step up my game. I got a gym membership but the problem was, I had no clue what I was doing! So, my new plan was to participate in multiple classes that the gym offered so that I could learn more. This worked for a while until I outgrew those classes and needed more. To the weight room I went and fortunately for me I met some amazing people who were happy to help me. From that point on I became what is known as a “gym rat” (trust me, it’s cuter than it sounds). I gained enough knowledge to work on my own routines for a bit until once again I became bored and knew I needed to seek out someone with more experience than me. This is when I met my first and only coach who taught me all the rights and wrongs of weight training with barbells and so much more. Around this time people around me started asking me questions about weightlifting and that’s when I knew that maybe it was time I started helping people who were “just like me”. Fast-forward to 2017 and you’ve got someone who has experience with powerlifting, bodybuilding, yoga, combat sports, tai chi, kettlebells and conditioning workouts. I would have never guessed those Pilates videos would spark the flame that started my health and fitness journey.

Today I offer one on one training as well as group training for girls 15-20yrs old. (For more information about the group please click here). My techniques are unique in the sense that I don’t employ the conventional style of personal training, I consider myself as more of a coach. I have a more holistic approach to training which focuses on transforming the mind as well as the body. Healthy living is so much more than counting calories and a smaller waistline. My ideal client is not someone who I train for years and years but someone who needs guidance taking their next step. I focus on results that last, not ones that are temporary or dependant on my constant participation. I would much rather teach you how to train properly, what recovery is all about and what healthy eating really means. I believe that knowledge is most powerful when shared, not hoarded.


  • Certified Sports Conditioning Coach
  • 5 years of mentorship under Lil’s owner Craig Bongelli
  • Over a decade of experience training myself and others

Outside of my credentials I never stop learning and growing. Currently I participate in both Muay Thai and Yoga programs multiple times per week.