Our Philosophy

At Lil’s Gym we believe training is as much about science as it is art. Our job is to combine the every element of the training equation to create the absolute best plan for YOU.

Lil’s Gym is the top strength and conditioning gym in Canada. Opened in 2013, Lil’s gym has continuously evolved to best serve its members and clients. From our humble beginnings as a 500 square foot training facility we have grown through 3 locations to our current incarnation as a 3500 square foot facility housing our personal and group training programs as well as our world class seminars.



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Dan Schultz


Craig Bongelli


Tracy Sousa

Mal headshot

Mallory Woeller


Matt Sneath

My name is Matt Sneath and I’m a university and club rugby player from Toronto, Ontario. I first …
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Andrew H.

I began training with Craig back when he owned True North Barbell, in early 2012. I had been …
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Louie Simmons

Craig at [Lil’s Gym] is an excellent strength and conditioning coach. He is doing a great job in …
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Danielle Ruban IFBB Pro

I originally came to Craig to help me with some exercises I didn’t feel confident doing alone, such …
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Dave C

I came to Craig about 3 years ago when my wife started training with him, by him, I …
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Mary D

Hi everybody my names Mary and I just want to talk about Craig and Lil’s Gym. I met …
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Sarah D

So my journey at Lil’s gym started when I thought that I needed to lose a little bit …
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Jaime F

I can’t say enough about Craig. I’ve been working with him for exactly a year now and there …
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Carrie S

Two years ago someone asked me what I would tell my 20 year old self. Without hesitation I …
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