Read This If You Want To Look More Jacked

Let’s be real, getting lean is pretty cool. Abs, veins, definition everywhere… and with summer coming up you’ll really have a chance to show them off, SO, how do you get there?

Here are the basics you need to know to get lean ASAP.


Man, what a lame rule to start with, right? Oh well, it’s important!

The first thing, eat more of the boring stuff, is pretty straight forward - it’s mostly veggies (and water too!) When it’s time to get lean it’s the more the better, outside of making yourself feel sick, for water and veggies. With veggies they’re micronutrient (vitamin and minerals) dense, they fill you up and when you eat a lot of them in public people know you’re one healthy SOB and will give you some lovely (although potentially back-handed) compliments.

As for water, there is no process in your body that happens without water and if you want your body ramping some processes up (muscle gain and fat loss, anyone?) this is a really valuable thing.

Water will also fill you up as well as add to your steady state cardio with all the laps to and from the bathroom all day - double bonus.

Now for the fun stuff… You already know the deal here: don’t eat junk food.

The other thing, which you may not already know, is you should typically avoid meals that are high in carbs AND fat at the same time. Most of the most delicious (think pizza) and fattening things we eat fall into this category and not only are they calorie dense but the combination of high carb and high fat creates a perfect environment for your body to store fat.

Sorry, I guess, you probably wont care that much once you’re looking at your abs.


When you’re really pushing the weight loss there is no limit to how much training or exercise you can do as long as it’s not burning you out physically or mentally.

A lot of people sit down and make the most rigid, crowded and encompassing they can when they decide to start losing weight.

This is a crappy idea.

Don’t do it.

Instead build yourself a plan that you believe will work and is, ideally, around 80% of what you think you could do. This works so much better for a few reasons. The first is it gives you the opportunity to get some wins under your belt as you get started and build up momentum - mentally and physically. The second reason this works so well is it gives you some time and energy with which you can have fun. Feel like joining your girlfriend for a run? Do it! Pick up soccer in the park? For sure!

An extra arm day with the bros?! Best idea yet!

You get the idea. Give yourself a chance to succeed and some room to add into your plan when you’ve got some extra gas in the tank - more fun AND more results, cool right?


I know there’s a big movement to be body positive and love yourself no matter what and not judge yourself and be rainbows and sunshine all the time and not punctuate sentences BUT forget all that. If you’re not happy with your body and you want to do something about it GOOD. I think that’s so much healthier than brainwashing yourself into being satisfied when you know you can do and be better.

Now, during this process a lot of things are gonna suck - mostly all the exercise and eating right.

What wont suck however is seeing yourself change.

When this happens do whatever feels right to you. Want to brag to your friends? Do it! (What if it makes them feel bad about their body when you talk about changing yours? Too damn bad, still do it) Want to post a gratuitous selfie on social media? Heck it, do that too if you want to. (That’s my thing sometimes, sorry-not-sorry)

Couldn’t even help myself… LOL

Couldn’t even help myself… LOL

Of course, not everything has to be public. If you’re rather buy yourself a new pair of jeans or just enjoy the satisfaction of what you’ve done and keep it to yourself that’s all good too - just enjoy it, however you do that.

Good luck - and if you take any seflies make sure to tag me ;)

Craig Bongelli