Online Coaching

Any goal, anywhere, any time. Online coaching lets you take a Lil’s coach with you wherever you go.

How does Online Coaching Work?

Our online coaching process is very simple.

Once you’ve joined the program and been connected with the best coach for you, you’ll have a phone call with your coach to discuss your details, situation and goals.

From there, your coach will create your initial training and nutrition plans. After that point, you’ll be in direct contact with your coach as you start the plan and give your feedback, your coach will analyze your feedback, as they send your program and diet updates.

Online coaching, more than any other option, is a relationship with your coach. Due to the high level of contact, this is one of our most powerful options for a dedicated, driven client.

With all of our programs we strictly limit the number of clients we accept.

We do this because our absolute number one priority is that every client who works with us receives the world class service they deserve. Our online coaching program is no different, so please contact us if you’re interested in joining the program to discuss availability.


Our online training program has the same 3 foundational elements as all of our programs.

Custom Training Program

Your coach creates, monitors and updates your personal program every step of the way. This is essential to ensure you’re constantly making progress towards your goals and staying away from the dreaded plateaus. Your goals, experience and situation will dictate exactly how your program is delivered, but our average online client receives a program update every 7 days.

Custom Nutrition Program

What makes our nutrition programs so effective isn’t just telling you what to eat or not to eat. We coach you through the process of taking the diet you have now and slowly turning it into the diet that will take you where you want to go. The difference? Consistent progress without you having to white-knuckle every meal you eat along the way. (In other words, we’ll help you get the body you want without hating the process)

a laptop with a speech bubble coming out of the screen

Video Feedback

The trickiest part of online coaching is the lack of direct coaching. Luckily, through the magic of the internet, we’ve got you covered. We’ll have you send in videos from your workouts that we’ll analyze and correct. Often, you can expect a video back, walking you through the exact changes you need to make.


Online coaching varies widely in price based on your needs however, we strictly limit our availability to ensure each client receives world class coaching.

If you’re interested in online coaching, please contact us below.