We Want To Help

If you’ve got goals we want to help you achieve them!

There are two primary ways you can train at Lil’s Gym:

Group Training

Our first, and most cost effective option, is joining our group training program. Our Lil’s Group program combines the affordability and community benefits of conventional group training programs with the added bonus of completely custom and evolving personal programs of 1-1 training. We designed out Lil’s Group program to include everything you need to achieve your goals.

Personal nutrition plans and nutrition coaching sessions? Included.

Private yoga and restoration times for group members? Included.

Training programs to use at home, on vacation or just when you can’t make it to the gym? Included.

Two personal training sessions to get you up to speed before starting with the group? Included.

Fitness boxing classes? Included.

“Open Hour” gym access? Included.

Literally everything you need, might need or will need is covered within our Lil’s Group program.

Our group program is a month to month subscription of $150 per month which gives you unlimited access to all our of group training sessions and everything listed above. To maintain our extremely high level of service and training our group admits only a small number of new members per month and is occassionally subject to a wait-list. If you’re interested in the group or would like more information please contact us.

Personal Training

Our second, and premium, training option is one-to-one personal training. All of our coaches have impeccable track records with their clients and when you work with a trainer at Lil’s you are truly taken under the wing of someone who has been there and done that when it comes to fitness. From special forces selection to power lifting championships to training and studying around the world the pedigree of our coaches is truly second to none.

Our personal training sessions range in cost from $40 to $80 per hour depending on the coach and the number of sessions you purchase. To inquire about a trainer at Lil’s or book a training session please contact us or the trainer directly through any of their social channels.