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Lil’s gym is known for channeling decades and tens of thousands of hours of elite fitness and life transformation coaching into your daily habits.

Without sprinting into the realm of being a cliquey inaccessible gym. The typical gym where people are glued to their phones and obsessing over the mirrors and their Instagram selfies.

You’ll find yourself in your new extended family learning from incredible people—new family members, including our talented and wide-ranging clientele of all skill sets and fitness levels to our highly qualified trainers and life transformation coaches.

What Makes Lil’s so Special​

We rebuild the broken
We fortify the strong
We lead the expert to victory

Lil's Gym is an outside the box training facility that encourages and incorporates ALL sound training methods and discriminates against none. Similarly our gym culture welcomes equally, a full spectrum of clientele from the beginners all the way to the advanced athlete. Finally we strive to maintain a culture of inclusivity, positivity and general badassery.


32 Weber St W, Kitchener, ON N2H 3Z2

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