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Train with a coach 1 on 1

Work with a trainer one on one.

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Group training

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Our group training programs are the core of the Lil's community and are the most affordable option for world class coaching.

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Online training

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Can't make it to Lil's Gym? Online coaching gives you the Lil's Gym coaching experience wherever you are.

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What do the best in the world have to say about Lil's Gym?

Bill Kazmaier

Bill Kazmaier

3x World’s Strongest Man

"Dan is a fantastic trainer, he helps a lot of group trainees and is very knowledgeable in all the lifts and training. You should use him on a regular basis to establish your training program and to move forward on your quest to be as fit as you can be."

Louie Simmons

Louie Simmons

Founder of Westside Barbell

"Craig is an excellent strength and conditioning coach. Craig follows our system, checks up with us regularly and at times asks questions when he is unsure about a certain programming or exercise task. Through his professionalism, communication and knowledge I trust him to carry out our system of training to further improve all athletes in order for them to reach their full potential."

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